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Capacitors for Sale
Polypropylene, Mylar/Polyester, Tantalum, Gold Super, Photoflash, Electrolytic Capacitors

For RF capacitors such as air variable ones and mica compression trimmer capacitors please go to the RF parts page.

For High Voltage (greater 1,000 volts or greater) please go to the High Voltage parts page.

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Polypropylene Capacitors

These capacitors are excellent for higher frequency, high current, low distortion applications where low dissipation factor is a benefit. This is such as pulse power as in capacitive discharge circuits, low loss for induction heaters, or for high power highest quality speaker crossover networks. These capacitors are of non-inductive design to lower losses further.

4.7uF 5% 250VDC MPS series 19x26x33mm dipped, long radial leads (10 available) - $2.25 each

3.3uF 5% 250VDC PPD series 21x24x25mm dipped, long radial leads (25 23 available) - $1.50 each

2.2uF 5% 400VDC PMF series 15x23x35mm long axial leads (7 available) - $1.40 each

1.5uF 10% 250VDC HMP (MPP) series 11x19x29mm dipped, long radial leads (15 13 available)- $1.10 each

1.0uF 5% 400VDC PHD series 15x21x25mm dipped PCB radial (25 18 available) - $1.20 each

Polyester (Mylar) Capacitors

These are general purpose more affordable parts for less demanding applications. Great for speaker crossover design (way better than electrolytic), and general filtering and coupling.

0.047uF 20% 1250VDC Philips 343 axial 10x14x23mm (only 1 available) - $1.50

10uF 5% 100VDC axial-lead oval 12.5x23x33mm (18 14 available) - $1.30 each

4.7uF 5% 100VDC axial-lead oval 9.5x17x33mm (16 available) - $1.10 each

4.7uF 10% 100VDC Philips #344 boxed PCB-lead 11x19x30mm (4 available) - $1.00 each

2.2uF 10% 100VDC Ero boxed PCB-lead 8X16X26mm (2 available) - $0.75 each

1.0uF 10% 250VAC yellow boxed radial Philips 719J1/MKT-P PCB (radial) leads polyester&paper capacitors special for interference suppession circuits (SOLD OUT) - $1.25 each

0.68uF 10% 400VDC Philips MKT "orange" PCB (radial) leads 8x15x27mm (8 available) - $0.50 each

0.22uF 10% 250VDC Philips 344 yellow-boxed PCB-leads 6x11x17mm (2 available) - $0.15 each

0.047uF 10% 400VDC Philips 341 yellow axial leads (4 available) - $0.15 each

0.047uf 10% 250VDC Philips (bumble bee) radial (29 available) - $0.10 each

Super Capacitors (Double Layer Capacitors)

1.0F 5.5V 21mm diameter X 7mm high (10 9 available) - $2 each
0.33F 5.5V Gold Cap 11X29X32mm long radial leads (3 available) - $0.75 each
0.047F 5V NEC FA0H473Z low-esr16mm diameter X 13mm high (10 7 available) - $1.00
Most supercapacitors of this value have effective series resistances of 100-200 ohm, limiting current and dissipating extra power, while these are listed at only 20 ohms.

Tantalum Capacitors

33uF 10V dipped Tantalum capacitors (SOLD OUT) - $0.20 each

100uF 10% 16V dipped tantalum capacitors (SOLD OUT) - $2 each

The following are all CSR-13 Mil-style hermetic axial low-leakage Solid Tantulum capacitors (which all retail for over $10 each):
270uF 20% 50V (SOLD OUT) - $2.50 each
(these sell for over $50 each retail)
250uF 10% 10V (SOLD OUT) - $1.25 each
220uF 10% 10V (SOLD OUT) - $1.25 each
150uF 10% 15V (SOLD OUT) - $1.25 each
150uF 10% 10V (SOLD OUT) - $1.00
150uF 10% 6V (SOLD OUT) - $0.75 each

Electrolytic Capacitors

22,000uF +/-20% at 6.3VDC Rubycon YK, good to 85C. 18mm diameter x 36mm long. (8 available) - $1.50 each

22,000uF +/-20% at 6.3VDC Korea Chemicon 85C SHL low leakage current series. 18mm diameter x 40mm long. (5 available) - $1.50 each

10,000uF +/-20% at 10VDC Tbor good to 105C. LL low leakage current serie. 16mm diameter x 36mm long. (20 available) - $1.00 each

10,000uF +/-20% at 6.3VDC Rubycon YK series 85C. 16mm diameter x 17mm long. (7 available) - $1.00 each

4,700uF +/-20% at 6.3VDC Korea Chemicon low-leakage current 85C. 18mm diameter x 37mm long. (10 available) - $0.75 each

4,700uF 10VDC Phillips 16mm diameter x 30mm long. (2 available) - $0.50 each

2,200uF 50VDC Sanyo 85C. 18mm diameter x 35mm long. (5 available) - $0.50 each

2,200uF 35VDC 85C. 18mm diameter x 32mm long. (5 available) - $0.40

1,000uF 50VDC Nippon Chemcon 85C. 16mm diameter x 31mm long. (20 available) - $0.40 each

470uF 50VDC Elna 85C radial leads. 16mm diameter x 25mm long. (6 available) - $0.25 each

330uF 50VDC Marcon 105C radial leads. 13mm diameter x 20mm long. (7 available) - $0.15 each

220uF 63VDC Siemens radial leads. 12.5mm diameter x 25mm long. (2 available) - $0.10 each

Lot of 10 non-polar electrolytic capacitors comprised of: two 10uf 63v, one 4.7uf 63v, two 4.7uf 25v, one 3.3uf 50v, two 2.2uf 63v and two 1uf 63v. lot for $2.50

High Voltage Electrolytics and Photoflash Capacitors

It is recommended for electrolytics that are expected to experience high peak currents, such as in photoflash or other pulse circuits, that are not fresh from the factory, that they be pretreated by charging them up through a power resistor of 1k to 10k and leaving them to reform their dielectric for half a day or longer.

1,100uF 330VDC Rubycon 30mm dia x 82mm (1 available) - $4.00

750uF 330VDC Marcon 30mm dia x 82mm ( 4 2 available) - $4.00 each

350uF 330VDC pn73003527-001 25mm dia x 46mm (2 available) - $2.00 each

250uF 330VDC pn73003527-002 25mm dia x 46mm (1 available) - $2.00

170uF 330VDC Rubycon 22mm dia x 30mm (12 available) - $1.40 each

150uF 330VDC 15mm dia x 42mm (21 available) - $1.00 each

130uF 200VDC Nippon Chem-con 15mm dia x 29mm (6 available) - $0.75 each

40uF 350V axial electrolytics. 19mm dia X 44mm (6 available) - $1.00 each

33uF 250V axial electrolytics. Five are 16mm dia X 16mm, and one is 18mm X 40mm (6 available) - $0.75 each

10uF 330V axial electrolytics. 13mm dia X 32mm (22 available) - $0.60 each

3.3uF 450V axial electrolytics. 11mm dia X 31mm (23 available) - $0.50 each

2.2uF 500V axial electrolytics. 13mm dia X 26mm (9 available) - $0.50 each

Miscellaneous capacitors

0.22uF 20% 50V Erie CK06 molded monolithic cap. 7.5mm X 7.5mm X 2.5mm (20 available) - $0.75 for 10

0.12uF 20% 50V Erie CK06 molded monolithic cap. 7.5mm X 7.5mm X 2.5mm (20 available) - $0.50 for 10

0.1uF 10% 50V Erie CK05 molded monolithic cap. 5mm X 5mm X 2.5mm (20 available) - $0.50 for 10

0.082uF 10% 100V Erie CK06 molded monolithic cap. 7.5mm X 7.5mm X 2.5mm (30 available) - $0.50 for 10

MINIMUM ORDER IS $20.00, PLUS SHIPPING COSTS (unless you are picking this up in person). All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Shipping is extra, but I can confirm shipping from Toronto, Canada and let you know the options and costs once I know where you are located.

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